Monday, January 16, 2012

Mental Health Change: The Knight in Rusty Armor

"The Knight in Rusty Armor" is a metaphorical story about change and the simplicity and complexity of it. I know that sounds dissonant, because it is. The main character is a Knight who spends his days fighting dragons, rescuing damsels in distress, and buying castles for his wife and son. He dons himself with the shiniest and strongest armor money can buy. He likes it so much he never takes it off. Eventually, he leaves it on for so long that his own child doesn't know what he looks like, his wife misses seeing him, and he is afraid to take it off. When he decides to remove the armor, he finds that it cannot be removed. Therefore, he goes on a journey to find Merlin the Magician who teaches him how to remove it which requires him to go on a quest. It's a fun book about change and the difficulties and simplicity of it. I recommend all to read it.


Expressions of Addiction in Art

I am no art connoisseur. However, a few years ago my wife tied me to a chair and duct-taped my eyes open forcing me to watch "So You Think You Can Dance." Humiliated, I succumbed to watching and found myself moved by a dance (see the link below) that described addiction. I was blown away at how the dance described through movements and music the experiences my current clients go through. Watch it!