Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Post-Modern Prometheus and Apocalyptic Premeditations

Truthfully, the title has nothing to do with this blog-article (or blarticle as I like to call them). However, it made you wonder "Hmm, what the heck is this about?"In that case, if you're already reading, you may as well finish. I had an interesting conversation today with a peer. She is an excellent clinician and has wonderful insight. She reminded me how much I still have to learn in the field as a counselor, a supervisor, and an educator and I'm grateful for that. We were discussing how people have gifts, talents, and strengths that sometimes go untapped. She brought up the idea that at times individuals may have gifts that are untapped--that perhaps they recognize them, yet do not wish to recognize them; therefore, they avoid exercising them and may even go to the point of denying they have them. My response to her was something like this: "Well, that would make sense. If someone has an innate gift of capacity and they are not using it, then they are not accountable to it and they have less responsibility, because less is required of them." I'm sure my words were less than this with her, but it was something to that extent. The conversation was short and it made me reflect on myself and what talents I keep "hidden" or "dormant" and why. It also left me wondering what would happen if I did awaken them and used them. What would the result be? I suppose that it would result in more requirements; however, it might also mean that I feel or believe that I am feeling more fulfilled; thus, moving towards a higher level of self-actualization (to speak in Maslow's words). Furthermore, it caused me to realize that in order to do this, it would require me to pursue a higher level of vulnerability with others, which is something that is uncomfortable to me, and to many others. Therefore, do I forget my discomfort and/or lean into it or don't I? I guess one would lean into the discomfort and pursue a higher plane if they had a belief that it did lead to self-actualization. Or, it could mean that they believe that the Universe or a Higher Power has afforded them the gifts for the betterment of others and themselves. Ultimately, all of these things mean the same thing and require the same effort--i.e. a forgetting of one's discomfort, a trust in the existential process of life, and a hope that something fulfilling will come of it. Therefore, leaning into the discomfort would be a positive, yet uncomfortable means to an end--that end meaning the growth of the untapped gift, talent or capacity that would otherwise remain dormant, unused and/or completely lost; not doing anything positive or negative for others or oneself. I suppose that this may just be a brief rambling, but I wonder what others think about this subject…let's see if anyone responds. Also, it could just mean that I read too much and think too much and should spend more time watching TV and vegging out. Dr Jamison Law