Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Women's Issues

I had an interesting discussion with a woman that works as a fashion consultant and retailer at a local women's clothing boutique. She said that roughly 70% of all women who come into the store talk about how "huge" or "fat" they are. She watches how even husbands and boyfriends speak to their wives/girlfriends in condescending fashions, as well as mothers to their daughters. She has witnessed mothers grab their daughter's sides and say "look how fat that makes you look," or "see the love-handles you have." Tears have been shed. What could have started out as a lovely date buying clothing or a mother-daughter time ended out as something entirely different.
It is sad how this happens so frequently. It seems that societal norms, as well as the idea of what is or not attractive is damaging individuals and families. I knew that it happened, but to hear it from one who witnesses it every day is disheartening. If the fashion consultant allows, I will interview her regarding her experiences, as well as suggestions on how to help others cope with experiences she has seen.

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