Friday, October 21, 2011

Is There Life After Graduate School? Well...

A few months ago I had the opportunity of having a student luncheon with Dr. Gerald Corey. Anyone who is a counselor knows who he is. He has written many of the books that we study in graduate school. Most of us have watched videos that he and his wife produced on group counseling. However, during the luncheon he focused mainly on what students can do to continue their professional and personal growth. The presentation was very personal as he shared his experiences in working with other professionals. Then, tonight I came across this article that parallels the luncheon subject.

The URL for the actual article is below, but in my review there are a few headlines from his article. He encourages students to have "courage" to become the person and professional they want. It is interesting that these are similar words we use with clients. He encourages students to not let setbacks or problems slow them down; to learn how to network; find volunteer opportunities in areas that interest them; and to attend local and national professional conferences.

As Dr. Corey gave these suggestions, he shared personal stories in his career when he had setbacks and disappointments, as well as how he continued through them. From my viewpoint, it was helpful hearing that he was just as human as I feel I am. Even if you aren't a therapist, the suggestions are universal. Check it out!

For more information, see the link below.

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